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Rachel Bilson Daily

You can see Rachel every day of the week

Rachel _Daily
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This has been taken from adam_daily. This was written by the creater and adminstrator of adam_daily.

Welcome to Rachel Daily! If you've ever heard of daily communities, this one is no different! For those who don't know what a daily community is, it's a pretty nice thing.

Daily(I hope), pictures of your favorite star, which is in this case The OC's Rachel Bilson) will be posted! Feel free to post pictures yourself, because I'm going to let have everyone have posting access as of right now.

1. Please post all pictures under a LJ cut, unless they are smaller than 200x200. If you don't know what a LJ cut is, or how to do one, click HERE.

2. This won't be an issue until fall, but please if you're posting any screencaps from episodes from the OC, they must be under a cut and labeled as OC screencaps from a new episode. Please make sure you do this for at least 2 days after The OC has aired in the US, and if the episode has aired in Canada before the US like during S1, this must be done as to not spoil people who live in the US.

I know that #2 may seem a little strange, but I think it's important to respect those who do not want to be spoiled about S2 of the OC and give people who may not be able to see the episode live a chance to watch it! This rule will also apply to any onset pictures that may be leaked before S2 airs.

3. Please don't direct link a picture from other people's servers unless you have permission. That wastes the site's bandwidth and will cost the person running the site more money! Please upload the pictures to your own server. If you don't have your own server, I recommend getting a Photobucket account. I have my own for my LJ icons and I plan on making another account specifically for this community. There are other places other than Photobucket but that is what I primarily use.

Your creator/administrator is juicyfruit8930. You can send me an e-mail at moodring30@yahoo.com

Enjoy! Pimp this community if you'd like!